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BIZ: Green’s Family Cleaning Services

BIZ: Green’s Family Cleaning Services

Established in 2017, Green’s Family Cleaning Services is a Downriver-based business providing top-quality commercial and residential cleaning services to clients in Woodhaven and surrounding areas.

“My favorite thing is that we’re family-owned and operated,” said Makayla Green, who owns the company along with her husband Robert. “So it’s a really big family-like feel, and I love that I’m able to make that known to anybody who hires us.”

Regarding family, it was the birth of Makayla’s daughter in 2016 that acted as a catalyst for her starting her own business. She was working for a credit union at the time, and the long hours ate into a lot of quality time with her baby.

“My favorite thing is that we’re family-owned and operated.”

It even caused her to miss an important milestone.

“I just had my daughter, and I missed her rolling over for the first time, so I looked into ways that I could make good money without going back to school, something I could do to earn good money fairly quickly without working such long hours,” explained Makayla. “I read an article about house cleaners making on average $25 an hour to start off.” With that in mind, Makayla began her cleaning service part time at first and said it just grew from there.

“We started with just house cleaning, and then we added office cleaning,” she said. “And when my husband came on in 2020 we started doing carpet and area rugs, tile and grout, upholstery and air duct cleaning.” Today, the thriving business also offers furniture and vehicle interior cleaning. They boast a large clientele and have seven employees. And all of Green’s cleaning technicians are certified.

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Makayla also explains how Green’s provides her the opportunity to give back to the community, something that is “very, very important to me and my company.”

One of the ways in which Green’s gives back is through a partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit organization that offers cancer patients free house cleaning throughout the United States and Canada. “What the company does is gives two consecutive free cleanings for people who either have a child who has cancer or they have cancer themselves,” Makayla explained.

The team at Green’s Family Cleaning Services takes great pride in everything they do and always strive to surpass clients’ expectations.

Call 734-341-6175 for more info or visit them at

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