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Great Lakes Health & Wellness: Lasers, lights and leading edge skincare

Great Lakes Health & Wellness: Lasers, lights and leading edge skincare

Cosmetics, dermatology and how we look play massive roles in our lives, but it can sometimes be challenging to find the right skincare treatment locally. Recognizing this, Anne Abrahamson, M.D., Diplomate, ABPMR of Great Lakes Health and Wellness made the decision to invest in the Sciton Medical and Aesthetic Laser Device. This innovative energy laser device is beloved by many celebrities including the Kardashians for its ability to repair and rejuvenate skin. Now, thanks to Dr. Abrahamson, it will be enjoyed Downriver.

With Their new luxury laser options, Dr. Abrahamson and Nurse Practitioner Anne Zahn will be able to provide 100% customizable treatments to meet each individual client’s needs

After witnessing a demonstration of the Sciton Laser, Dr. Abrahamson became excited about the results, which may seem too good to be true. One week later, she and her team attended the Sciton Rockstar Experience in Columbus, Ohio to network with other physicians and nurses who incorporate the energy laser device into their own practices. After learning more about all of the skin care treatments available, they knew they needed to bring it home. “We were just astounded with the capabilities of the machine,” said Dr. Abrahamson. “There were hundreds of people [at Sciton Rockstar], and they all had the same experience of just being able to make such significant changes for patients; especially in the realm of anti-aging, rejuvenation, wrinkles, skin tightening and acne… It’s remarkable what you can do with this device.”

Hoping to provide as many options for the Downriver community as possible, Dr. Abrahamson invested in a Sciton Laser Machine which offers BBL, MOXI, and HALO.

  • BroadBand Light (BBL) is the world’s most powerful intense pulsed light device. The light gently heats the skin’s upper layers to help regenerate cells, improve skin quality, treat sun damage, balance uneven skin tones, eliminate red spots, remove unwanted hair and take years off your skin
  • The MOXI laser uses a non-ablative, fractionated laser to extract microscopic epidermal necrotic debris (MENDs) from your skin without breaking it. As a result, it gives you firmer, tighter skin, stimulates collagen production, improves fine lines, and improves texture resulting in a glow with significantly shorter downtime after treatment.
  • The HALO hybrid fractional laser uses ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths to reverse and prevent damage from sun exposure, aging, wrinkles, clogged pores, scars, and more. Known for giving “the Halo Glow,” this laser cosmetic therapy is ideal for rejuvenating and correcting the skin.

With these luxury laser options, Dr. Abrahamson and Nurse Practitioner, Anne Zahn will be able to provide 100% customizable treatments to meet each individual client’s desires and needs. They are offering the best treatments by licensed medical professionals who have trained to provide you with the best possible results.

“It’s a very comfortable procedure,” Dr. Abrahamson said after using the machine herself. “You can see the glow starting to come through, and I can feel the tightness occurring, but I’m in no discomfort… I looked completely normal, and now I just have this sandpapery tight feeling as the MENDs start to flake off.”

To contact Dr. Abrahamson and Anne Zahn NP, please call Great Lakes Health and Wellness at 734-287-3000 or visit

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