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About Biz: A Local Success Story

About Biz: A Local Success Story

River Oaks Realty, a well-established real estate brokerage founded in 1946, has achieved remarkable success after opening its second office in Grosse Ile in 2019. This expansion was overseen by owner and Grosse Ile native Amanda Carducci, opening up new markets for the eight-decade old brokerage.

An alum of Grosse Ile High School, Carducci attended Western Michigan University and the University of Michigan Dearborn before obtaining her real estate salesperson’s license from the Middleton School of Real Estate in 2005, and later her Broker’s license in 2010.

Over the years, Carducci has seen the highs and lows of the real estate market, from the 2008 recession to the booming market of 2015-2019, followed by the pandemic shutdowns, and most recently, the current inventory shortage. The experience gained through both good and bad times has allowed River Oaks to become a leader in the industry and mentor scores of new real estate agents.

“I attribute so much of the success of River Oaks to our dedicated team of Realtors, who I consider my family.”

During the 2008 recession, Carducci was heavily involved in the bank-owned market, providing broker price opinions and serving as a primary point of contact for asset managers during the foreclosure process. With that experience, Amanda transitioned into a role as a closing contractor with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2010. In that position, she oversaw more than five hundred foreclosure closings per month at the bottom of the market.

As the real estate market began to improve, Carducci’s experience inspired her to pursue opening her own brokerage. She soon found an opportunity better than opening her own brokerage – her existing broker, former Southgate Mayor Bob Reaume, was seeking retirement after years of serving the Downriver community. Carducci purchased River Oaks Realty in 2011. and is only the company’s third broker/owner since its establishment in 1946.

At the lows of the recession, Carducci found herself with only five agents on her team, fondly known as the “Fab 5.” All five agents stayed onboard through the transition and the years following, and helped Carducci begin to bring her vision for the company to life. Under her new leadership, River Oaks Realty was able to maintain its excellent reputation in the industry and begin to expand and grow as the market returned to normalcy.

Seven years later, in 2019, Carducci realized her longtime dream and opened River Oaks’ second location in her hometown of Grosse Ile. The new office is located in the heart of Grosse Ile’s business district on Macomb Street. Since opening, most of River Oaks’ operations have moved to the Grosse Ile office, although the Southgate location continues to serve the downriver community.

Looking back, Carducci acknowledges that launching the Grosse Ile office was a considerable undertaking. With no way to know if the new office would succeed, she took the leap by first opening up in a smaller space, which later grew into the building it is today. “We were unwavering in our determination to become an integral part of this community, one that I’m fortunate to call home,” said Carducci.

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Today, Carducci manages over 30 Realtors between the two offices. Her day-to-day activities include reviewing contracts, coaching agents, providing support, and working personally with clients. River Oaks Realty is also proud to regularly participate in community events, including “Paint the Town Red,” “Island Glow,” and “Ladies Night Out.” The brokerage was instrumental in reviving the Grosse Ile Home and Garden Tour, showcasing the company’s commitment to Carducci’s hometown.

“I attribute so much of the success of River Oaks to our dedicated team of Realtors, who I consider my family. Many of our agents are Grosse Ile residents themselves and are actively involved in the community,” shared Carducci. “It is the team who has allowed the company to grow and expand. I’m thankful every day for their continued contribution, experience, and expertise.”

As River Oaks Realty continues to be a market leader on the island, Carducci vows to keep client satisfaction and community engagement her central focus. She is committed to creating a positive impact in the home buying and selling experience.

River Oaks Realty’s offices are located at 8804 Macomb St., Grosse Ile, and 14012 Eureka Rd., Southgate. You can also reach Amanda Carducci and her team at 734-752-6140 or

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