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Epic Property Management – Property management of epic proportions

Epic Property Management – Property management of epic proportions

In May 2022, Epic Property Management moved its headquarters from Southgate to Wyandotte to accommodate the growth of their business, and the goal of introducing a new development to the Downriver community.

“We started back in 2009 with just one single-family rental property, which was my own, and slowly built up our portfolio of wholly owned properties,” shared owner and President Josh Sterling. “As our operation has grown over the past twelve years, we’ve outgrown our previous space and needed more office space, garage space, storage and parking… There really wasn’t anything we could find that fit our needs, so we ended up going with a new construction in Wyandotte.”

“[We] provide the nicest properties in the market, with the most professional management, at a fair market rent.”

Epic Property Management currently manages 1,400 properties, 1,100 of which they own. About 70% of their current properties are multi-family, typically 24-80 unit apartment buildings, while about 30% are residential. Naturally, managing this many units demands a lot of staff and space. Located just outside downtown Wyandotte, the new building gave the company much-needed room to expand its operation. This included 4,800 square feet of office space, 2,400 square feet of garage space, fenced-in parking, client parking, and a storage lot for equipment.

Construction took about a year and a half and the City of Wyandotte was very helpful in the process.

Epic Property Management operates three additional offices in Toledo, Dearborn Heights, and Shelby Twp. Thanks to the additional space and increase in Downriver business, Epic Property Management has created around a dozen new jobs within the Down­river community. According to Sterling, the company aims to add more office space to the building down the road.

“We’ve always been Downriver-focused,” shared Sterling. “[The building] brings new construction to a stretch of Eureka Rd. that hasn’t seen new construction in, probably, forty-plus years… The vast majority of our properties that we own and manage are in Downriver communities. Our model has always been to provide the nicest property in the market, with the most professional management, at a fair market rent. We think our new office exemplifies that.”

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As rental prices reach a peak in the Detroit area and beyond, Epic Property Management aims to help minimize the cost of living for tenants while still providing upscale housing. Over the years, Sterling and team have completely remodeled nearly every Downriver home under their management. Many properties now include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, new light fixtures, six-panel doors, and hardwood flooring.

It’s safe to say that Epic Property Management’s impact on the Wyandotte and Downriver communities is just beginning.

To get in touch or view available properties, you can reach Epic Property Management’s Wyandotte office at 734-225-6934 or visit their website: 

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