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Biz: Hennessey Engineers – Built With Optimism

Biz: Hennessey Engineers – Built With Optimism

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In 1972, Timothy L. Hennessey, PE founded Hennessey Engineers, a civil engineering firm that, to this day, is still improving communities throughout Southeast Michigan. Now 50 years in and under the leadership of his children, President Joan Hennessey, CPA, and Vice President John Hennessey, PE, Hennessey Engineers is still very much a family business. Their contributions to their community and culture only add to the company’s historic family values.

“Mr. Hennessey was a remarkable man,” shared Deborah Brauer, Hennessey Engineers’ Marketing Director. “He understood what it meant to be good stewards of the public trust. When you work within the public sector, you are held to a high standard. The monies you are entrusted with to perform needed services are carefully monitored. Each nickel is well spent. He started his firm with a few good engineers and many are still with our company today.”

To celebrate the company’s 50 years in business and what would’ve been Mr. Hennessey’s 100th birthday, the company hosted an anniversary celebration on August 25th at Bea’s Detroit. Brauer described the event as “a funky, fun place to get together with family, friends, and clients.”

“Our well-rounded team of experts moves projects forward with quick decision-making, localized solutions, and the administrative staff to support every milestone.”

During events like these, many companies mainly focus on inviting current and potential clients. As a family business, Hennessey Engineers made an effort to not just invite the clients with whom they’ve been working with for decades, but also Hennessey employees and their significant others. Hennessey Engineers didn’t want to just celebrate 50 years in business, but to celebrate the relationships they’ve gained in the last five decades.

Respect, warm welcomes, hugs, great food, games of cornhole, laughter, and decade-old stories filled the walls of Bea’s Detroit as engineering professionals and Hennessey employees gathered to celebrate this down-to-earth firm. The company hopes the memorable event further cemented its relationship with the people that they live and work with.

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The average length of time for an employee to stay at Hennessey Engineers is 19 years, which is an exceptionally long time for any business. Brauer, who started with the company in 2021, was “amazed at the people who had been there for decades. They love what they do and they love how they do it.” This remarkable employment length only demonstrates how well the company’s values convince clients and employees alike to stick around long term – and their memorable party was likely enough to convince many of them to stick around even longer.

Hennessey Engineers is a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), as well as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA). This designation allows Hennessey to work with larger firms on significant projects. Like their motto says, “community foundations built with optimism” where they strive to improve communities for generations to come. ◆

Hennessey Engineers has locations in Downriver: 13500 Reeck Rd. in Southgate; and Detroit: 385 E Jefferson Ave, Suite 200. For more information visit, call 734-759-1600 / 313-638-1306; or email [email protected]

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