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Good Works: Faith & Blue 2022

Good Works: Faith & Blue 2022

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LT. Andrew Starzec has been proudly serving the Brownstown Police Department for almost nineteen years and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2020 where he has continued to stay active within his community through his work with the Woodhaven-Brownstown Rotary.

Today, he also runs the Brownstown Police Department chaplain group and Honor Guard and is a key figure in running the now annual Faith and Blue event.

“It’s an exciting event that started in 2020 and was a program put on by the Office of Community Orient­ed Policing. They’re the ones who through the Department of Justice really try to get agencies to work better with the community and have better relationships with everyone,” Lt. Starzec explained.

He went on to share, “They came up with the program and the plan was to simply have the police agencies interacting in some form or fashion with a faith-based organization within their jurisdiction to touch base with as many people as possible. It wasn’t about the religious aspect, but just having that base that they believed was a good way to get the conversation going.”

“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.”

The Brownstown Police Department learned of the event in early 2021 and held their first event then. They invited every single religious organization within Brownstown to come out to essentially a potluck with everyone bringing a dish they loved or one that represented their culture.

The event was such a huge success that the National Faith and Blue Group selected the event as their spotlight of the year. Lt.Starzec also went on to speak about the event at the Taking Action For Peace Conference.

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The Brownstown 2022 Faith and Blue event was even larger, and the department has already secured the community center for next year’s event and is looking into starting another event that would include the fire department and local politicians as well.

Says Lt. Starzec, “Faith and Blue has shown that officers are just regular people who just happen to have a badge on their chest. It’s built these relationships between the officers and everyone within the community and we are proud of that!” ◆

Faith & Blue was started by Movement Forward, Inc., working with the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services at the U.S. Department of Justice.

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