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A List: Motif Jewelers – Eric Chopjian

A List: Motif Jewelers – Eric Chopjian

As synthetic diamonds increase in popularity and decrease in price, Motif Jewelers of Taylor offers advice on the differences between lab grown and natural diamonds.

Other than where they come from and value, there is no difference between the two, according to Eric Chopjian, director of operations and graduate gemologist at Motif Jewelers.

“Customers will come into the store because they trust we will be transparent about both options,” he said. “Whether it’s grown or natural, it is the responsibility of a trained professional to give the pros and cons.”

Customers looking for an investment are better off choosing a natural diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are 50 to 70 percent cheaper than natural diamonds. However, customers looking for an investment are better off choosing a natural diamond.

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“The disadvantage of purchasing a lab grown diamond is that their value continues to be volatile and is on a downward price trajectory,” Eric said. Trading in the lab grown diamond for a larger one or a natural diamond down the road is generally not an option.

A natural diamond can also symbolize strength in a relationship, among other things that are important to couples. “Natural diamonds have been growing on our earth for millions of years and are the true testament of strength and rarity,” explains Eric, who is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society, as well as certified sales associate and certified gemologist appraiser. ◆

Motif Jewelers has locations in Downriver at 21838 Eureka Rd., Taylor, and in Milford at 441 N. Main St. For more information please visit or call 734-287-8300.

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