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Top Contractors: Wright’s Landscaping Services

Top Contractors: Wright’s Landscaping Services

Wright’s Landscaping Services, located in Brownstown Twp., has been serving the Downriver community for more than 46 years providing top-quality, award-winning landscapes.

The family run business prides itself on its professionalism built on fairness and quality customer service.

Wright’s Landscaping owner, Larry Wright, who started the company with his wife, states, “We have a great clientele and they speak very highly of our crew. We have gotten many, many compliments over the years on how well our crew works, how efficient they are, how steady they are and how high the quality of the work is.”

“We have a great clientele and they speak very highly of our crew.”

About 80% of Wright Landscaping’s business is either repeat business or referral business. The company has built up a strong clientele over the years and many keep asking them back year after year for upgrades or additional work around the property.

Wright shares that what he enjoys best about the work is the creativity side of it, “I like being able to do custom work for the customers. Very little of our stuff is what I would call cookie-cutter. It’s very unique in its design.


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We work with several landscape architects in the area and they do a lot of our custom design work.”

During the pandemic, the company found itself having two of its busiest years as people flocked to spruce up their yards for stay-cations with things like brick patios, outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas and home extensions.

With business booming and material shortages, Wright urges people to get their plans ready as soon as possible so they have appropriate time to get everything done.

Wright’s Landscaping Services is located at 17100 Beech Daly Rd., Brownstown Twp. They can be reached at 734-942-1184 or through their website at

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